Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ah Jaysus....How long has it been?....Just started a new gig so I have'nt had a minute.... here are some doodles.


bsleven said...

Yeay you posted. : )

The dude riding the monster is sper cool.

: )

bsleven said...

sorry I meant, "The dude riding the monster is super cool".
Me not spell good.

: )

rory said...

Hey man . 'Bout time you posted . I figured you must be pretty busy ......hope the family is well my friend !

oh yeah , Suweet drawings !

minty_eye said... keep me busy..but the new gig is taking all my's cool though.

Darren Keating said...

Hey babe. Good to see your still going on the spidey stuff. Need a jam soooo bad. keep it up.xx

chris chua said...

sweet! I love that Spidey pose and attitude. Will you end up coloring this?